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Our e-shop, company KyoPrint s.r.o., ID: 29206294, with registered office at Legionářská 231/15, Kuřim 66434, registered in the commercial register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 65617 (hereinafter referred to as the "administrator" ) clearly and openly communicates how it processes your personal data in accordance with REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679, on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC, general regulation on the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"). Also read the Personal data protection Policy.


In the interests of transparency, this policy provides detailed information on how and when we use cookies. On our website, we process cookies necessary for the functioning of the website and for analytical purposes and, in the case of your consent, also for the personalization of advertisements.



version 1. effective since 5/25/2018


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device and is used again during your next visits. Thanks to cookies, the websites you visit remember your actions and the settings you made on them, so you do not have to enter these data repeatedly, they improve and simplify your visit to the website.

What cookies do we use?

There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a maximum of 12 months. Session cookies are stored temporarily and disappear after you close your browser. If you log in to a registered account, we will use persistent cookies, for example, to store the goods you have selected in the shopping cart. We use session cookies when you use the Product Filter function and also to check if you are logged in or if you have added any items to your shopping cart.

What personal data do we process?

Cookies collect information about the use of our website. This information includes the type of Internet browser and operating system you are using, the domain name of the location from which you are connecting (IP address), the date, time and duration of your visit, the number of visits, the average time spent on our website and the pages you view. The cookie file also contains a unique identification number that identifies your browser. This helps us recognize your browser when you visit our website again. We also track how you search our website and what products you view.

Purposes of personal data processing

The administrator may lawfully use cookies for the purpose of measuring website traffic and customizing the display of websites, as they are processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the administrator pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1 letter f) GDPR, so your consent is not required. The data we collect may also be used for marketing purposes tailored to you, but we need your consent for this.

How are cookies used for advertising targeting?

To identify products that may be of interest to you, we may collect information about the pages you have visited or the products you have purchased so that we can sell goods directly to you. We work with e-commerce sites to offer targeted advertising to customers. We advertise through our own banners on our website and third party websites.

When you visit our website, third-party websites (for example, the website of our business partner) or click on an advertisement of our e-shop, your web activities may be tracked via cookies. Third-party cookies are created by our business partners who advertise our services on other websites. Our marketing partners may provide their own cookies to display personalized advertisements that are related to our e-shop.

We never give, sell or exchange your data with third parties for trading purposes.

Consent to the storage of cookies in case of personalization of advertisements

By actively checking the "I agree" option, which follows the notice at the bottom of the website, which reads as follows: "Web operator, KyoPrint s.r.o. company, ID: 29206294, with registered office at Legionářská 231/15, Kuřim 66434, registered in the business register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno ., section C, insert 65617 (hereinafter referred to as the "administrator"), as the administrator of personal data, processes cookies on this website necessary for the functioning of the website and for analytical purposes and, in the case of your consent, also for the personalization of advertisements. Read the Cookies Policy.”  you give your consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of collecting data on the behavior of visitors to our website for the period indicated below for individual cookies. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by changing the settings of the relevant internet browser. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time (Art. 7 para. 3 GDPR), the right to request access to your personal data (Art. 15 GDPR), the right to their correction (Art. 16 GDPR) or deletion (Art. 17 GDPR), the right to limit processing (Art. 18 GDPR), and to object to processing (Art. 21 GDPR), you have the right to the transferability of this data to another administrator (Art. 20 GDPR), as well as the right to file a complaint with the Office for personal data protection, if you believe that our company is in violation of the GDPR when processing personal data (Article 77 GDPR). In case of exercising the above rights, you can contact the email:

Control over cookies

You can easily delete cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser. Instructions on how to handle cookies and how to delete them can be found in the "Help" of your browser. You can set the blocking of cookies or that you wish to be informed every time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device. In addition, you can set an anonymous mode, which does not allow the collection of data about the behavior of website visitors. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of all features.

If you do not delete cookies from your browser, we may use this data for the following purposes:

  • providing more suitable advertising based on your interest
  • providing aggregated ad activity reports to advertisers and ad-hosting sites
  • providing websites and app owners with data about how visitors use those websites or apps
  • detection and defense against fraud and other risks, protection of users and partners
  • improving our products

Third party cookies

We use third-party cookies to collect statistical data in aggregate form using analytical tools such as Google, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Sklik, Heureka. In this case, the collected data is transferred to these third-party service providers for processing. We also use the advertising features of Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. We use permanent and temporary third-party cookies (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device for a maximum of 24 months.

The data we collect may be made available to third parties, processors of your personal data, to help us provide our services (e.g. accounting, cloud service provider, analytics, auditing, payments, fraud detection, marketing and development). These third parties have access to your personal data to the extent necessary for the performance of their activities, and they are obliged not to disclose or use it for other purposes.

Or to other providers of processing software, services and applications, which, however, are not currently used by the administrator.

The administrator does not control cookies from third-party websites. Third parties are responsible for how their cookies work and how personal data is processed.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies allow us to recognize your device, secure your access to your registered account and our website in general, and help us present you with relevant advertisements if you have given your consent.


Category of use:


  • Description
  • Check
  • If you are logged in to the e-shop, cookies help us show you the right information and customize your environment.
  • Security
  • We use cookies to support security features and to detect unauthorized activity.
  • Preferences, Features and Services
  • Cookies also tell us what goods you prefer and what your favorite products are. They can also make it easier for you to fill out forms on the e-shop.
  • Advertisement
  • We use cookies to show you relevant ads on and off the e-shop website. We may also use cookies to determine whether people who have seen a certain advertisement later visit the advertiser's site and perform an action there (eg download a document or make a purchase). Similarly, our partners may use cookies to determine whether we have shown an advertisement and how it performed, or to provide us with information about how you respond to advertisements. We may also work with our partners to show you advertising on and off, such as after you visit a partner's site or application.
  • Performance, statistics and research

Cookies help us find out how our website works in different locations. We also use cookies to understand, improve and conduct research on products, features and services, including your access to the e-shop from other websites, applications or devices, such as your work computer or your mobile device.

Table of cookie files

We use different types of cookies for the proper operation of our website and advertising products. Third-party cookies come from advertisements on other websites and track your use of the website for marketing purposes. This data will be updated. Cookies expire either on a rotating basis or calculated from the last day the user interacted with the website.


Publisher / Name of the cookie Cookie type Durability
AdWords Tracking, Remarketing 90 days
Sklik Tracking, Remarketing 30 days
maximum 540 days
Google Analytics
(_ga, cid, utmv, utmz, utma, utmb, utmc)
Analytical, Tracking persistent
6 months
6 months


Cookie settings

Naše webové stránky používají soubory cookies, které nám pomáhají s jejich vylepšováním. Abychom cookies mohli používat, musíte nám to povolit. Kliknutím na tlačítko "OK, souhlasím" udělujete tento souhlas.

Settings OK, souhlasím
Nastavení souborů cookies

Cookies jsou malé soubory, které webové stránky (i ty naše) ukládají ve Vašem webovém prohlížeči. Obsahy těchto souborů jsou vyměňovány mezi Vaším prohlížečem a našimi servery, případně se servery našich partnerů. Některé cookies potřebujeme, abychom webová stránka mohla správně fungovat, některé potřebujeme k marketingové a statistické analytice. Zde si můžete nastavit, které cookies budeme moci používat.

Nezbytné cookies
Nezbytné cookies
Jedná se o technické soubory, které jsou nezbytné ke správnému chování našich webových stránek a všech jejich funkcí. Používají se mimo jiné k ukládání produktů v nákupním košíku, zobrazování produktů na přání, ovládání filtrů, osobního nastavení a také nastavení souhlasu s uživáním cookies. Pro tyto cookies není zapotřebí Váš souhlas a není možné jej ani odebrat.
Ovlivňuje funkce:
  • Konfigurační cookies
Zobrazit cookies
Název cookie Typ cookie Doba platnosti Účel
PHPSESSID Nezbytné cookies Po dobu návštěvy Cookie se používá k uložení a identifikaci jedinečného ID relace uživatele za účelem správy uživatelské relace na webu.
Analytické cookies
Vypnuto Zapnuto
Analytické cookies
Analytické cookies nám umožňují měření výkonu našeho webu a našich reklamních kampaní. Jejich pomocí určujeme počet návštěv a zdroje návštěv našich internetových stránek. Data získaná pomocí těchto cookies zpracováváme souhrnně, bez použití identifikátorů, které ukazují na konkrétní uživatelé našeho webu. Pokud vypnete používání analytických cookies ve vztahu k Vaší návštěvě, ztrácíme možnost analýzy výkonu a optimalizace našich opatření.
Ovlivňuje funkce:
  • Google Analytics - analytická návštěvnost
Personalizované cookies
Vypnuto Zapnuto
Personalizované cookies
Používáme rovněž soubory cookie a další technologie, abychom přizpůsobili náš obchod potřebám a zájmům našich zákazníků a připravili tak pro Vás výjimečné nákupní zkušenosti. Díky použití personalizovaných souborů cookie se můžeme vyvarovat vysvětlování nežádoucích informací, jako jsou neodpovídající doporučení výrobků nebo neužitečné mimořádné nabídky. Navíc nám používání personalizovaných souborů cookie umožňuje nabízet Vám dodatečné funkce, jako například doporučení výrobků přizpůsobených Vašim potřebám. 
Marketingové cookies
Vypnuto Zapnuto
Marketingové cookies
Marketingové (reklamní) cookies používáme my nebo naši partneři, abychom Vám mohli zobrazit vhodné obsahy nebo reklamy jak na našich stránkách, tak na stránkách třetích subjektů. Díky tomu můžeme vytvářet profily založené na Vašich zájmech, tak zvané pseudonymizované profily. Na základě těchto informací není zpravidla možná bezprostřední identifikace Vaší osoby, protože jsou používány pouze pseudonymizované údaje. Pokud nevyjádříte souhlas, nebudete příjemcem obsahů a reklam přizpůsobených Vašim zájmům.
Ovlivňuje funkce:
  • Google Ads